We acknowledge and thank the National Institute of Health for it’s support for our project.

The NIH grant award to the CryoVR work is 1R25EY029127-01.

As part of the overall mission to increase access to cryo-EM, the NIH started a curriculum and National Center training grant. Through this program, the National Cryo-EM centers and select institutions were awarded funding for curriculum and cryo-EM resource development. Below are more details about each center.

The NIH announcement to learn more about the award is here: https://commonfund.nih.gov/cryoem

About the Award

The New York Structural Biology Center, the Oregon Health & Science University in partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Lab at Stanford were awarded funds as national centers for cryo-EM across the nation. These centers provide valuable access to cryo-EM data collection and training. These awards span six years and accumulate to a total of $128 million.

California Institute of Technology, Yale, Purdue University, and University of Utah were awarded grants on behalf of the same program to develop cryo-EM learning resources. Projects under this grant include online video lectures, software, e-books, and VR simulations for cryo-EM training and cryo-EM theory curriculum. These awards span three years and accumulate to $1.5 million.

National Centers

  • New York Structural Biology Center (U24 GM-129539)
    • Bridget Carragher
    • Clinton Potter

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    Image result for Oregon Health & Science University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Oregon Health & Science University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (U24 GM-129547)
    • Eric Gouaux
    • Michael Chapman
    • James Evans

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  • SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University (U24 GM-129541)
    • Wah Chiu
    • Britt Hedman
    • Michael Schmid
    • Georgios Skiniotis

Curricula Development Awards

  • California Institute of Technology (R25 EY-029128)
    • Grant Jensen

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    • Purdue University (R25 EY-029127)
      • Yingjie Chen
      • Wen Jiang

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    • University of Utah (R25 EY-09124)
      • Peter Shen
      • Janet Iwasa

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  • Yale University (R25 EY-029125)
    • Frederick Sigworth

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This information was borrowed from National Center for CryoEM Access and Training website: https://nccat.nysbc.org/nih-funds-three-national-cryo-em-service-centers-and-training-development/