The Purdue CryoVR team is a diverse set of faculty and students from different areas at Purdue. Dr. Yingjie Victor Chen is an Associate Professor, and Jiahui Dong is a Ph.D. student from the Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Wen Jiang is a Professor and Abayomi Emmanuel is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biological Sciences.  Dr. Tommy Sors is the Associate Director for PI4D.

Active collaborations

We have active collaborations with 4 national institutions:

  • SLAC | National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University
  • NYSBC | New York Structural Biology Center
  • PNCC|  Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, in partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • FFRDC | The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Former members

  • Jun Zhang, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, M.S. 2019
  • Dr. William Watson, Director of Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning in Virtual Environments
  • Guojun Han, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, M.S. 2020
  • Junhan Zhao, Purdue Polytechnic Ph.D. 2021
  • Darius Bigbee, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, M.S.
  • Zongyang Zhu, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, M.S. 2019
  • Brenda Gonzalaz, Purdue Department of Biological Sciences, Ph.D., 2020
  • Daoyi Li, Purdue Department of Biological Sciences, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Ziwei Huang, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, B.Sc. 2019