The main objective of the CryoVR project is to develop a pre-training platform for Cryo-EM.

Our goal is to create a series of pre-training modules to help guide users through how to operate instruments and do experiments included in the cryo-EM pipeline. With each pre-training module we develop, we expect to have a self-guided training mode where new users can be clearly directed and taught how to operate the instruments. We have also integrated replay and assessment tools into our tutorials to help guide users more efficiently. As a whole, our pre-training module will be designed as a way to train new cryo-EM users without the need of additional guidance. Realistically, we do expect users will need to have more real, hands-on training, however, we anticipate our CryoVR pre-training modules will help make cryo-EM training more efficient.


Ways to follow our team’s progress: